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Préserver et réparer les livres anciens, Bibles et missels de votre bibliothèque personnelle (anglais)


Preserving Books in Your Home Library

Cornell University Library


Preserving Books in Your Home Library

Although few people have a home library as grand as the A.D. White Library pictured on the front of this brochure, many of us do have collections that we find meaningful. They probably consist of reference books, cookbooks, favorite works of fiction and non-fiction, and perhaps books saved from our childhoods. Although some of the books in our personal collections may be ephemeral, such as a best-selling mystery bought for a vacation, many of our books are like close friends that we hope to keep with us for the rest of our lives. This brochure will help you care for both your treasures and your “quick reads.”

Table of Contents

Parts of the Book 4

How Books Are Constructed 5

Caring for Your Books 7

Types of Books and Their Inherent Weaknesses 15

Repairing Books 23

Common Forms of Damage: What You Can Do About Them 25

Enclosures 34

In Case of Disaster 35

Suppliers 36

Additional Reading 37

Resources 38


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