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England: Walsingham Catholic Pilgrimage from 27 to 30 August - booking deadline 11 August

Join the Walsingham Pilgrimage in England this August

The Ely to Walsingham walking pilgrimage is now in its fifth year; it is organised by the Latin Mass Society, and runs from the 27th to 30th August.  There is a booking deadline: Tuesday 11th August. This is necessary for the caterers and other aspects of the pilgrimage; please don't try to book after that date! Do it before! Do it now!

We walk over three days the 55 miles from Ely to Walsingham, accompanied by the Traditional Mass and devotions, in the spirit of the great Chartres Pilgrimage. The booking page has lots more information.

There are generous discounts for students, and all are welcome.


Source: Join the Walsingham Pilgrimage in England this August

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